Annapurna scheme has been started in West Bengal, every woman will get 2000 rupees every month. WB Govt New Scheme 2024

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There is a great news for the women of West Bengal. Annapurna Scheme is going to be launched in West Bengal. Through this scheme women of West Bengal will be given Rs. 2000 per month. Earlier, the women of West Bengal were being given money for Lakshmir Bhandar. 500 rupees per month and Scheduled Tribe women get 1000 rupees per month through Lakshi Bhandar. But now a bigger project than Lakshi Bhandar is going to start in West Bengal. Through this project, many women in West Bengal will become self-reliant. In the Annapurna scheme, the women of West Bengal will get 2000 rupees per month i.e. 24 thousand rupees per year. This project is going to surpass Laksh’s Bhandar project. When women are going to get this money? how to get Read full report to know etc.
And Lok Sabha polls after two months. This is good news for the women of West Bengal ahead of this Lok Sabha polls. A new project is about to start. The name of the project is Annapurna Scheme. Under this scheme the women of West Bengal will be given Rs. 2000 per month. President of West Bengal Opposition Sukanta Majumder said this before the Lok Sabha polls. 2024 Lok Sabha polls are ahead. Center and state governments are in the peak of preparations for this Lok Sabha polls. Ahead of the polls, both the ruling party and the opposition parties have been announcing one scheme after another to woo people. A few days ago, West Bengal ASK Dal leader Mamata Banerjee announced some new projects. In this regard, the opposition party is not behind. However, he made a big announcement about the 2026 assembly polls, not the Lok Sabha polls. If the BJP wins the assembly polls in 2026, the Annapurna scheme will be implemented in West Bengal. West Bengal President of Opposition Sukanta Majumder promised to launch the Annapurna project.

BJP president Sukant Majumdar announced the Annapurna project from a party forum in Murshidabad recently. Through the scheme, the women of the state will be given Rs. 2000 per month. If BGP comes to government in 2026, it will eliminate corruption in jobs. BJP president Sukant Majumdar has promised such. He accused the ruling party of more states of corruption. He also talks about gangster-friendly politics towards the ruling party of the state. Sukant Majumdar also said that the attack on the saints who came to bathe in the Ganges in Purulia was a reprehensible incident.