Domestic 5 Totka: Can control dental pain in a sudden afternoon at midnight

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Don’t eat ice cream because there will be toothache। Sweet also dropped। But despite that, is Akkkel able to stop dental pain?

There is toothache when something cold or hot। But the axle teeth are so useless that he doesn’t mean any rules। It is difficult to chew something। In some cases the pain reaches the teeth to the ears, from the throat। Taking pain medication without the doctor’s advice is not right again। What way to handle such a pain when it suddenly starts at midnight?

1) Nun, coolie in hot water

Nuns can be mixed in six waters and cooled। It reduces the growth of bacteria at the base of the teeth। As a result, if there is an infection in the place where the axle teeth are rising, it decreases। In addition, it also relieves gum pain।

2) Lobang

The clove is very effective in dental pain। A clove has to be pressed to the tooth in the pain area in the mouth। This clove race is the death of an infectious bacteria there, at the same time the pain is reduced। In addition, cloves can be planted in place of pain। It will also relieve pain।

3) Cold-hot sniff

Cool-hot sniff can be turned around all day and from the outside of the mouth। If a cold sniff with ice on a towel, the pain will decrease। If hot snails, the blood movement will increase। As a result, pain will be relieved quickly।

4) Mint

The mint leaves contain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients, which help reduce pain। Soak cotton in mint leaf juice and put it on the gums, Akkel will relax in dental pain। Even if hot hot mint leaves drink tea, the sum will match।

5) Yellow

There is no pair of hollus to reduce dental pain। Take half a teaspoon of yellow powder, two cloves and two dried guava leaves in a cup of hot water। Cool। I will relax in the gums and dental pain।

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