If you apply for this new scheme of the central government, everyone will get 3000 rupees per month. Central Govt New Scheme

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The central government or the state government come up with various welfare oriented schemes one after the other for the common people of the state. From small children to unemployed youth, both the Center and the State have come up with various schemes for everyone, regardless of gender. Millions of people are benefiting through all these projects. This time a new scheme has been brought by the central government where it has been said that the people of the country will be paid 3000 taka per month directly in the bank account. So what is this project? How or through this project common people will get money! To know about that, you must read this good news till the end.
And this project is going to surpass all the projects that have been formulated so far. No one can even dream about the new project that has been announced by the central government. This time, through the project that has been brought by the central government, all the people of India and the people of every state will get 3000 rupees in the bank account every month. It may sound unbelievable but it is a real and true story. If you are an Indian resident then you will also get this money. Then apply for this scheme without delay.

The central government has come up with various new projects one after another, standing by the side of the common people and the working people of the country. From increasing the financial income of poor and middle-class families to giving education to boys and girls and many other types of facilities. This time e-Shram Card (e-Shram Card) has been launched for all the people of the state and the country especially those who are poor or working people. This card can be made by anyone from the age of 16 to 59 years. And you will get money.

Application Procedure: All Indian citizens from the age of 16 years to the age of 59 years can apply for this card. Applicants do not need any educational qualification to apply here. Applicant must be an Indian citizen. All male and female candidates can apply here. In this case, to apply, you have to go to the official website and register your name. You can directly apply here http://eshram.gov.in/अई by visiting the website or by visiting any computer store or by visiting the online store. can apply for.

Here are the documents required to apply:

Permanent Resident Certificate

Aadhaar Card

Bank account

Applicant own passport size photograph

Also, if the name is registered in this scheme, then in case of any accident of that family, you will get up to two lakh rupees. If someone in the family dies, Rs 2 lakh will be available and if someone is injured or sick then up to Rs 1 lakh will be available from the central government.


So, to get all these benefits, you must go to the official website of the central government and enroll quickly.

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