Kenya will no longer need a visa to go! What else do you see in the country except the jungle of Masai Mara?

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Indians will no longer need a visa to go to Kenya। This rule will take effect from January 1, 2024।

In the last few months Several South Asian countries have declared the right to enter without visas For tourists। This time he was named on the list in Kenya, Africa। She has been from next year Indians will no longer need a visa to go to the country। ‘ African jungle like a cone of the moon hill ’ Many plan to die in Masai if there is a hobby of watching। This again on top of him Junglei offered to marry Alia Bhatt to Ranbir Kappari। He is the thrill of the jungle If you want to enjoy, Visa will no longer be able to become a thorn in the path।

Kenyan government As reported, the new rules will take effect from January 1, 2024। Kenya President William Ruto recently announced this। He said ‘ ‘ Indian Tourists no longer have to get extra trouble for applying for a Kenyan visa. ’ ’

Kenya ‘ Electronic Travel ’ has launched a digital platform for approval। She In case of travel to the country which will serve as an alternative to the visa। Kenya before Without the government ‘ African Union ’ Member highlights visa rules for many Rust tourists Gave। Earlier this year, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam are also visa-free Starts the rules of travel।

Going to Kenya is a lot easier now as Visa Gero moves It’s done। Interesting tourism there before planning to go to Kenya It is important to know about the centers। Kenya’s biggest attraction is Masai’s death Safari। Masai is a national park In addition, it can be seen by Nairobi National Park, Lake Nakuru, Mount Kenya। She The capital of the country, Nairobi and the city of Mombasa, have also attracted many tourists so much tomorrow।

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